The Lunara Series

Saturday, March 24, 2012

LUNARA made it to #1 on the bestsellers list for Science Fiction Adventure

On March 1st, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who downloaded LUNARA: SETH AND CHLOE. With those downloads, I managed to get my book into the #1 spot on Amazon for all Scifi Adventure novels and #2 in all of Scifi novels. This has propelled Lunara on pace to be the best month for the series to date.

I appreciate everyone who has downloaded, read, and left great compliments on the series. I love every one of them. It makes me work that much harder to publish more books in the series and I hope to have the Legacy Duology out by years end.


New Pricing for LUNARA series Print books

I lowered the prices on all of my print books for the series. You can own the individual series books for $11.11 each OR own the entire series under one cover including a bonus short story for just $22.22. These are the lowest I can make the prices on the print books because of print costs and it is still a great deal. If you were to purchase The Original Trilogy, it would cost less than 3 publishing industry books at $7.99. I hope these new prices will entice print readers to jump into the series.

Plus, you get the pleasure of seeing the back cover, which ebook readers never see. 

SETH AND CHLOE: the first book in the trilogy and the series.
GWEN AND EAMONN: the second book.
PARKER AND THE PROTECTOR: the final book in the trilogy.

THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY: fine printing allows all three books in the Original Trilogy under one cover


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lunara: The Original Trilogy is under one cover.

The entire Lunara trilogy is now under one cover.

including a bonus short story PARKER AT NORTH THARSIS.

With over 1075 print pages and only $2.99, and if you would like a great deal and jumpstart into the series, this is the book for you.

The Original Series is currently available on Amazon with other eBook formats coming soon.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

How to download an Mobi files directly to Kindle app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

Downloading a Mobi file to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch couldn't be easier. Here are the easy steps.

1. You must have the kindle app on your device. This is FREE in the App store.
2. On your Apple device, go to the website where the mobi file or eBook is contained.
3. Click on the .mobi file.
4. On the download page, in the upper right corner, you will see Open in Kindle button. Click it.
5. Kindle app will open, the eBook will then open and save to your library.

If you wish to try this out, click on my full-length ebook LUNARA: SETH AND CHLOE and follow the steps.


How to download an ePub directly to iBooks on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

Downloading an ePub file to your iPad couldn't be easier. Here are the easy steps.

1. On your Apple device, go to the website where the ePub file or eBook is contained.
2. Click on the .ePub file.
3. On the download page, you will see Open in iBooks button. Click it.
4. iBooks will open, the eBook will then open and save to your library.

If you wish to try this out, click on my full-length ebook LUNARA: SETH AND CHLOE and follow the steps.


How to download ePub files to your nook

You can download ePub files from the internet and load them onto your nook.

1. First plug in your USB cable to the nook and your computer. This wire should come with your nook.
2. You'll see windows recognize the device.
3. Locate your ebook folder.
4. Find the "My Documents" folder on your nook
5. Copy OR drag and drop the ebook into the My Documents folder. Repeat as many as you would like.
6. Unplug nook from computer.
7. On the nook do a Search For New Content.
8. The new files should show up in the My Documents folder and available to read.

If you wish, you can try and load my FREE full length novel SETH AND CHLOE as an example file.


How to download MOBI files to your kindle

You can copy documents in supported format (mostly MOBI) to your Kindle following these quick steps:

1. Connect your Kindle via USB cable to your computer. After drivers are installed (if this is your first time), you can see a Kindle device in the windows explorer as a drive.
2. On your computer, copy or Ctrl-C the MOBI files you wish to copy. Or download from a website.  Formats: (PDF/TXT/MOBI/PRC/AZW)
3. Navigate to the “documents” folder on your Kindle device.
4. Paste your files in supported format there.
5. Safely eject the device.
6. Find a cozy place and read.

If you wish, you can test this method using my full length eBook SETH AND CHLOE as an example MOBI file.


Friday, March 9, 2012

A frustration with marketing an Indie book

My Lunara series is an Indie book series. I am marketing it by myself with the help of some loyal readers. I have one frustration with my marketing that I think everyone must be having too. I can accept that it is little known and the confidence level in a new writer isn't high. It is human nature to see a rookie and pass them off as mediocre. My real frustration is the lack of confidence in the works of Indie writers in terms of editing.  If you have read a poorly edited novel, you understand the frustration. It is unreadable.

Ideally, I would love to be able to put a stamp on my covers that indicates that my book is 100% professionally edited and contains no errors. When you purchase my novels, you are getting a quality product. It just seems that readers are skeptical of any Indie novels if they have read a few editing nightmares and I would love for that to change.

I would propose a governing body that can authenticate a novel is professionally edited by reading several random excerpts from a manuscript and certifying it. Then I could confidently display it on my web pages and even have the big sellers like amazon,, and apple acknowledge it as well. If this exists, someone please show me. If it is just fantasy, it would be great for a strong core of Indie writers to start this venture up. You could charge $25 to $75 for an unbiased reading. The only trick is to make it industry approved and acknowledged. Because who would pay if it didn't help the writer and the reader out.

Any editing errors in this blog post should be treated as irony and not incompetence.