The Lunara Series

Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Pricing for LUNARA series Print books

I lowered the prices on all of my print books for the series. You can own the individual series books for $11.11 each OR own the entire series under one cover including a bonus short story for just $22.22. These are the lowest I can make the prices on the print books because of print costs and it is still a great deal. If you were to purchase The Original Trilogy, it would cost less than 3 publishing industry books at $7.99. I hope these new prices will entice print readers to jump into the series.

Plus, you get the pleasure of seeing the back cover, which ebook readers never see. 

SETH AND CHLOE: the first book in the trilogy and the series.
GWEN AND EAMONN: the second book.
PARKER AND THE PROTECTOR: the final book in the trilogy.

THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY: fine printing allows all three books in the Original Trilogy under one cover


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