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Thursday, December 8, 2011

UFO versus Ghost sighting - Which would you rather see?

I was watching an old UFO Hunters the other day with my wife. She is an avid Ghost hunters fan, which I find absolutely absurd. As I got deeper into the show, I realized that I was watching the same thing but with UFOs and aliens. So I asked my wife a question that has me stumped.

I said, "Honey, would you rather see a ghost or a UFO? I mean a full friendly Casper or a Close Encounter of the Third kind."

"Ghost," she said rather quickly.

"Ghost!" I hollered, annoyed with her dismissal of my Sci-Fi obsession. She could have at least pondered a few seconds or faked it (aren't girls good at that?). "Are you crazy?"

She gives me a look. "So you would see a UFO?" she said rhetorically.
"Yes..." I muttered my obvious reply, but a thought rushed into my head that I had never thought of before. If I see a Ghost, that means that God exists and I can go to heaven (or hell), but if I see a UFO, then I know we are not alone and that humanity can someday explore the stars as these aliens do. What is better? The comfort of an afterlife or knowing that we are not alone and that the universe is filled with more wonders than we can see through our telescopes.

Now, I am not a religious man, and I don't dismiss the fact that God exists or doesn't exist. After all, so many believe and disbelieve. Who am I to judge these groups that are so passionate? But a ghost would make me believe 100% in God because a ghost means that an afterlife exists. Therefore, God must ascend people to heaven and I would have a grand old time in heaven with my friends, family, and my own personal holodeck. Yes, a holodeck is my heaven.

On the other hand, if I see that UFO, my dreams would become truth. I would know that life exists elsewhere and that humanity has chance to explore other species and planets in our universe. We would also have the chance to evolve into something greater. The great question of "are we alone?" would be answered with a resounding YES! Plus, if everyone found out, we would be that much closer to going to Mars...I want to see that in my lifetime.

Which would you rather see? Has anyone seen either?


  1. I've seen both and yet I neither believe in God or aliens. Odd, eh?

  2. UFO!
    Ghosts have been scary in all horror movies I've seen.
    Though, I don't see how ghosts would prove god?
    After all, they're just supposed to be spirits trapped(so they can scare people in eternity).

    UFO however! Yea, that would be something. Good or evil Aliens wouldn't matter. It would still be proof that "we're not alone". Which of course we ain't :-)

  3. Great read! I would love to see both, especially an UFO!