The Lunara Series

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lunara Series Books

Original Trilogy:
Lunara: Seth and Chloe (released May 2011)
Lunara: Gwen and Eamonn (released Nov 2011)
Lunara: Parker and the Protector (released Feb 2012)

The entire Trilogy under one cover:
Lunara: The Original Trilogy (released Mar 2012)  

Legacy Duology (20 Years later):
Lunara: Alexandria I (coming soon)
Lunara: Alexandria II (coming soon)

Sagittarius Trilogy (200 Years later):
Lunara: Untitled - Book 1 (coming later)
Lunara: Untitled - Book 2 (coming later)
Lunara: Untitled - Book 3 (coming later)

Above is my plan for the Lunara series books.  I hope to have the complete series released by the end of 2013.  The original trilogy will be released by Feb of 2012 (it is at the editor now) and should provide a great base for new fans as they can read an entire story arc from the series. The Legacy duology is in the final writing stages and if I can get enough capital from Original trilogy sales, I can release that series mid or end of 2012. I think this duology is fantastic and the locations are great. The Sagittarius trilogy is in the early design phase and I have some great concepts to provide the next generation of the series by 2013 at the latest.

I also have some ideas about additional side books for Eamonn Dalton to tell the tale of the revolutionary war as it is outlined in the original trilogy. Probably called the Eamonn Dalton Tales, but this is just knocking in my brain.  I could also do an early settlers trilogy or a single book, but this isn't even outlined yet.  It all depends on how well the series is received, which from the fans that I generated so far, it looks promising. Thanks to everyone who has read them.

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  1. Cool, looking foward to reading your future books in the Lunara Series