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Sunday, July 15, 2012

A quick way to add ~10% sales to your series

As part of my unending search for ways to market my book, I've discovered an quick way to increase sales by 10% (those are my results, yours may vary) for the rest of my series. Simply, insert a hyperlink into your Amazon books linking your other Amazon books. This really only works for Amazon as Smashwords doesn't allow hyperlinks.

You must have multiple books** in your series in order to do this because it a trickle down sales effect. Once your readers read and like your initial book, they'll want an easy way to get more. That is the reason it works, a subsection of your sales want the easy way to get it so having the link in your books is a perfect way to get your next book(s) almost instantly.

** special note: if you only have one book in your series, I recommend you partner with another author with similiar sales and genre and swap links.

1) First backup your eBook.
2) Highlight the text you wish to hyperlink. I create an "other books in my series" page in all my books.
3) Right-click and select hyperlink.
4) Enter the Amazon hyperlink to your book in the Address field and hit OK.
5) Upload your new copy to Amazon. All books sold from this point forward will contain the link.

To see a live example, download a free copy of LUNARA: SETH AND CHLOE from Amazon.

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  1. I'd heard of this, and have the back list - but not hyperlinked - thanks for pointing this out and explaining :)