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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Alexandria I & II - A sneak preview of the 4th and 5th books in the Lunara series.

The editor has received my final version of Alexandria I & II and I couldn't be more excited about an upcoming book release than this duology. The Legacy Duology will mark the moment my Original Trilogy becomes a part of a saga and not a single story arc trilogy. Great accomplishment for an indie like me.

Potential Original Trilogy spoilers (but mostly not):
Alexandria I & II takes place twenty years after the Great War ended. It follows the burgeoning adulthood of the daughter of Seth and Chloe (two of my original main characters), Alexandria. She has been living with the prejudices of her father's crimes from twenty years ago. She lives on Lunara, where Parker McCloud is the chief administrator of the colony, and must witness the adulation that is bestowed on her best friends Emily McCloud, Harry Corvo, and Adol Buckley. All of whom are children of heroes from the Great War. She, on the other hand, must face the harsh realities of being the daughter of a war criminal. Using her mother's dying wishes, she embarks on an adventure where she attempts to learn the real gift her parents have given her. Interwoven within her adventure are the adventures of Emily, Harry, and Adol who must live up to a hero's name their parents earned for their families.

Alexandria I & II is a mix of new characters and old characters from the Original Trilogy. It is fresh new adventure, while keeping the basis and strong history of the first adventures of the crew of the Protector. I'm confident this is my best effort yet and hope everyone will enjoy it.

I have a tentative release date of early August 2012. Please sign up here to get a reminder email when I do release it.

Purchase the Original Trilogy at Amazon or in other formats here to get a head start on Alexandria I & II's release.

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