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Monday, April 2, 2012

Once again a record month for the Lunara series

Once again, a record month for the LUNARA series. For the 5th straight month, the LUNARA series has outsold the previous month. For March it was particularly great, because last month, I sold more books than I have ever sold combined. I had a fantastic start to the month by getting to #1 in Science Fiction > Adventure on Amazon. I had plenty of great reviews from various blogs and this allowed my series to continue its momentum for practically the whole month.  I also released the ORIGINAL TRILOGY in one book which enabled readers to enjoy the whole series at one time.

It will be tough but I will try to make April the best month in the LUNARA series. I want to thank each of my readers and those particularly who have become friends on my twitter feed (@lunaraseries). I enjoy the feedback and the compliments.

I plan to release ALEXANDRIA I and II in the summer to fall time frame.  I also started the SAGITTARIUS TRILOGY and that should be out spring of 2013. The LUNARA series is in full swing.

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