The Lunara Series

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lunara Universe Map

Elevation map of "Lunara Universe" Mars
Aethpis - one of the two main colonies in the Lunara Universe. Home of Eamonn Dalton and Jan Falloom.
Zephyria - the other main colony in the Lunara Universe.  Home colony of Gwen Arwell and the Zephyrians.
Trivium Port - the main trading center on Mars.  Neutral territory for Aethpis and Zephyria. Home of Parker McCloud.
Memnonia Sulci - the alleged rally point for the invasion of Lunara.
North Tharsis - a Mining colony where Parker undertook his first mission with the Military.

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Olympus Mons - the tallest mountain in the Solar System.
Valles Marineris - the largest canyon in the Solar System, stretching nearly a quarter of Mars.
Utopia Planitia - is the largest recognized impact basin on Mars.

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